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    A Diversified Indoor Vertical Farming & Renewable Energy

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    A Diversified Indoor Vertical Farming & Renewable Energy

    Development & Management Company

    Vertical Indoor Farms

    Food Sovereignty With Substantial Economic Development Abilities.

    The indoor farm industry has matured into an amazing growth opportunity that Indian Country is strategically located for. We have the ability to develop, finance, build and operate any size facility. If you have a building (30,000 and up) we can show you how it can first ensure production for self-consumption but also provide a great income for the tribe and tribal members.

    Energy For Indian Country

    Renewable Energy and Utility Formation for Indian Country

    7 Generations believe that tribes should exercise their sovereignty on all levels. Whether it is starting out by offsetting your energy consumption through owning renewables or formation of utility and PUC to sell to others we have the team and ability to execute.

  • 7G Indoor Farming

    Controlling Who And What Has Access To Your Food!

    Scientific Approach To Growing Food

    Better Food Using Controlled Environments

    When one can control the environment that food is grown it gives the ability to ensure crop production and removes the use of pesticides and other harmful sprays needed in traditional farming. Organic outdoor farming still requires spraying for bugs and is subjected to environmental conditions.

    Disruptive Technology

    7G Uses State Of The Art Proven Technology and Equipment

    7 Generations LLC (“7G”) integrates indoor vertical farms using disruptive technology, renewable energy, innovative building designs, and plant science to give crops the perfect personalized environment to flourish - without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. 7G develops and manages indoor farms that will produce annually up to 400 times the yield per square foot of land, utilizing only five percent (5%) of the water, as traditional farming, will eliminate thousands of transport miles from the food supply chain, and will deliver much fresher local produce than conventional agriculture.


    Proven Markets Demanding Access to Fresh Safe Foods

    7G is passionately engaged with Native tribes, farmers, and the community. They share a vision of culturally correct business ventures that will make a difference in Native communities and the world. 7G’s core leadership team has extensive backgrounds in sustainability, innovation, renewable energy project development, regenerative real estate projects, finance, economic development, and an exceptional track record of performance. Its business strategy is a blueprint for scale and success.


    The mounting challenges of food scarcity, water, and energy conservation, increased demand for pesticide-free foods, and the social and environmental impacts of large-scale farming illustrate the critical need for new ways of growing and distributing food.


    To feed nine billion people by 2050, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates a need to raise food production by 70%. This increased demand must be met despite dwindling resources and finite prime agricultural land. Indoor farming helps farmers protect crops against weather and pests while using fewer resources and producing more food. Market price fluctuations often occur due to unpredictable weather impacts. 7G’s high-performance indoor vertical farms provide the benefit of consistent, predictable, year-round production, without pesticide or fertilizer runoff, or the risk of crop loss due to drought, weather conditions or insects. Timely delivery of crops greatly reduced spoilage, and reduced transport costs constitute powerful competitive advantages.


    The indoor farming industry is growing exponentially. According to Global Market Insights, the vertical farming market was valued at over $2 Billion in 2016 and will experience gains of 27.5% CAGR through 2024. The fastest growing segment in the food industry is locally grown fresh non-GMO produce. Demand for local food grew from $1 Billion in 2005 to $7 Billion in 2014.

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    •Indoor Farm development

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    Stuart Smits (Partner)

    Stuart Smits, 7G co-founder, and General Counsel, is a renewable energy integrator and real estate project developer. He has been involved with project development involving Native American partners for over fifteen years. He co-founded and developed a Marriott Residence Inn project in Sacramento, called Three Fires, in which the financial partners were three gaming Tribes. It has become a template for best practices in structuring Tribal partnerships.

    His prior career included several decades of distinguished accomplishments as a trial lawyer, handling complex cases involving managing the efforts and work product of subordinates, outside counsel and hundreds of experts.

    Stuart, as outside General Counsel, provided services to many diverse privately-held companies, such as: oil and gas, marine conservation, and renewable energy. He has been involved in all stages of solar project development throughout the Southwest, California, and Mexico, while blending creative legal and financial deal structures.


    Eugene Wilkie (Partner)

    Eugene Wilkie, 7G co-founder, is from the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribe. His roots go back to farming at a young age. He then pioneered renewable energy markets throughout the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa since the 1980’s. Eugene is very well-known and respected for his passion for Indian Country, where he has worked his entire life.

    Eugene has grown in tandem with the environmental movement, and the rapidly-advancing renewable energy industry. As a systems integrator for commercial and utility renewable energy systems, he is known for his innovative approach to systems configuration and creative solutions to seemingly difficult problems.

    Eugene’s emphasis has always been on the development, design, installation, testing, and start-up of solar, hydro, geothermal and wind-driven power generation systems. He coordinates all aspects of utility interactive systems from feasibility and system sizing to installation. Eugene is responsible for the partnership with the Oglala Lakota Tribal enterprise on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


    Ted Treanor (Partner)

    Ted Treanor, 7G co-founder, has an extensive career in commercial, industrial real estate development, economic development, water technology, e-commerce, and sustainability. He recently completed the long-term Economic Development and Energy Plan for the Quinault Indian Nation (Washington State), during which time Ted met with many of the Tribes from Alaska, the Pacific NW and California, as he evaluated their economic development and energy programs.

    Ted is passionate about food security, impact investing, creating jobs, regenerative development, water innovations, renewable energy, and storage. He has been CEO of Earth Care Technologies, founding executive of the Electronic Commerce Resource Center, CEO of Seattle Book Company, and VP of Pacific Capital. He has been a board member of Habitat for Humanity, the Northwest Ethics Institute, and Rosetta Solutions.

    Ted, among other strategic relationships, manages 7G’s partnership with the Nisqually Tribe’s rapidly growing Native food distribution network that supports 25-West Coast casinos with Native sourced food.


    Rebecca Guerrero (Partner)

    Rebecca is an experienced energy and finances professional with over 20-years' experience in the energy industry, including 9-years in renewable energy. Extensive experience in transaction structuring, project management, project development, and project finance. She is passionate about environmentally sustainable and economically viable solutions to the energy, water and food challenges we face in this world of finite resources and increasing population.

    At NRG Renew, Rebecca was responsible for M&A as well as the structuring and closing transactions, including solar PV (distributed generation and utility-scale), wind and microgrid projects in the U.S. and internationally, with a more recent emphasis on projects in Latin America.

    At Bechtel Enterprises, Rebecca helped arrange project financing and provided trouble shooting of development issues. She conducted an economic analysis of client projects with responsibility for quantitative modeling, risk analysis, commercial feasibility, and project structuring. She participated on the closing team of a $130 million natural gas power plant.


    Mike O’Neill (Partner)

    Mike O’Neill has worked all over the world in traditional, greenhouse, and indoor hydroponic farming. Mike has diverse practical agricultural knowledge based on 30 years’ business and hands-on operational experience that includes: planning, budgeting, developing business roadmaps, investment analysis, training, financing, insuring, managing, producing, and distributing agricultural products. He is well versed in internal and external factors impacting the profitability of agricultural investments.


    At the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), a subsidiary of the USDA, he was responsible for inspections and code compliance resulting in certifications for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and sat on the management board.


    He has deep experience with mortgage and investment portfolios. Mike worked with Hartford on crop insurance. At Doane Western he supplied direct management correspondence for Metropolitan, Prudential, and Connecticut General, where services included analysis of agriculture, risk assessments, and yield impacts, for potential direct investments.


    Raycen AmericanHorse Raines (Consultant - Tribal Liason) Navy Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Businessman. Enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and advocate for local grass roots Tribal and community economic development. After serving in the US Navy as a young man, Raines has settled into his grandfather’s footsteps as a Native businessman and advocate for Native American social issues. Raines has been in the financial and insurance industry since 2000 and has been working towards economic development specific to Indian Country since 2005.

  • Unbeatable Quality

    We grow our produce with nutrient formulas designed to bring out the best flavors and colors. Our high-density capabilities allow for a consistent, high-quality growth which translates to longer freshness and greater reliability.

    Reliable Production

    Using advanced technology enables
    year-round production with vertical growing
    modules. The environment is tailored to exact plant needs to enable optimum growth using
    less energy and resources.

    Our beautiful and delicate greens are beyond
    tasty and refreshing. Grown in a clean, controlled environment, they are harvested at the peak of freshness and delivered in a fraction of time compared to conventional produce.
    Greater variety. Better taste. Greater Reliability.


    Bibb, Butterhead, Leaf, Oakleaf, Romaine, Summer

    Mixed Greens

    Endive, Kale, Radish, Spinach & Swiss Chard

    Asian Greens

    Bok Choy, Baby Bok, & Specialty Varieties

    Baby Greens

    Asian Greens, Garnish Greens, Spicy Greens &
    Sweet Lettuce


    Amaranth, Basil, Celery, Cilantro, Crown Daisy,
    & Shiso

    Micro Greens

    Basil & Shungiku

  • Indian Country Energy

    We Have The Team To Help You Execute Tribal Energy Projects

    7 G has deep experience in the energy sector especially renewable energy. From utilizing solar for offset or formation of utilities we have the experts to help you execute any project!

    Whether you are looking to offset your current power by utilizing solar or building out your own utility or PUC we have the expert team to execute your project.

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