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  • Cloud Farming

    7 Generations (7G) is a 21st Century, national, indoor vertical farm development company, based in the USA. 7G develops farms in partnership with Native American Tribes, NGOs, manufacturers, hospitals, federal government, municipalities, farmers, and economic development organizations.


    While AgTech innovations are rapidly changing, 7G remains technology agnostic. We have developed strategic alliances with many of the world’s leading indoor farm growing systems and technologies. Our equipment suppliers invest heavily on extensive ongoing R&D optimizing the growing of plants indoors.

  • Energy

    Solar energy is abundant, nearly infinite energy. It is a local clean source of energy that secures a community in a positive, inspiring way, that reestablishes a modern connection with nature. It is a new way to honor the old ways. Renewable energy is designed for all 7G farms infrastructure, to reduce the overall cost and reliability of energy. The 7G team is uniquely qualified to successfully execute on our clean energy strategy, as we have a combined 55-years of renewable energy development experience.

  • Distribution

    7 Generations farms are supported with distribution agreements to reduce market sales risks. Learn more about “peace of mind farming” with our distribution partnership services.

  • Big Data

    7G Distribution is developing and utilizing big data infrastructure capturing the input suppliers to the farm, throughout the value chain, providing access to consumers. Our Blockchain-powered technology connects consumers to trusted product information about where their produce comes from, freshness timelines, recipes, allergies, and nutrition, at point-of-sale, when they are in a grocery store, restaurant, or from home. An enhanced product experience allows consumers to access the farm’s or Tribe’s history, culture, brand, and the location the produce was grown. Our industry-wide program instantly offers true food transparency, improves food safety, while it provides traceability for our products.

  • STEM

    Our non-profits efforts are initially focused on STEM AgTech education. 7 Generations’ BIG vision is to transform the health of Native communities by bringing AgTech education and indoor vertical farms into Native American classrooms. The initiative consists of a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum for K-12 students, a Grow Healthy Food Road Tour, and a business incubator indoor vertical farm. The goal of the initiative is to help Native communities achieve local food security, energy independence, improve wellness, and increase economic development, with a focus on youth. The Native youth AgTech initiative takes a culturally correct, systems approach in addressing three pressing needs in Indian country related to—Food, Energy, Jobs. Food Tank article: "Transforming Food & Health in Native Communities Through Vertical Farming"

  • About

    7 Generations

    What is the meaning behind the 7 Generations name? The name “7 Generations” honors the ancient Great Law of the Iroquois (7th Generation), where all decisions carefully consider the past, present and future with respect to our ancestors, ourselves, and those yet to come. Each generation is responsible to learn, to teach, and to protect the three-generations that have come before us, our own generation, and the three generations into the future (a generation is roughly 25-years).

    Why we do it

    7 Generation’s Vision for Indian country is to achieve local food sovereignty, energy independence, improve wellness, and increase economic development. 7 Generation’s passion is to positively impact the global food industry by increasing farm yields of fresh local produce, increasing food safety, improving wellness, reducing water consumption, migrating to clean renewable energy, improving the environmental impacts of agriculture, and increasing economic development.

    What we do

    The 7G Development team is developing hydroponic indoor farms with smart vertical growing systems using disruptive technology, big data, innovative building designs, and plant science to give crops the perfect personalized food-safe environment to flourish – with no chemical pesticides, no herbicides, no GMOs – powered by clean renewable energy.

    Compared to conventional field-grown agriculture, 7G is developing indoor farms that will deliver up to 35-times the annual yield per square foot of land, using 10% of the water, eliminating thousands of miles of transport by the food supply chain. The 7G business model delivers premium-priced produce to market within hours of harvest, rather than days or weeks—local, fresh, Beyond Organic™ produce, with exceptional taste.

    The People

    7G’s leadership is an inspired team with decades of experience in both start-up environments and large corporations. 7G founders have a shared vision of culturally correct business ventures designed to make a difference throughout the world. We have extensive backgrounds in agriculture, distribution, real estate development, sustainability, innovation, clean disruptive technology, finance, with a proven track-record of success.

    7G is passionately engaged with Native American partners, NGOs, retailers, manufactures, municipalities, and communities throughout the USA. The Team’s deep expertise in farm production, distribution and sales, renewable energy, water technology, real estate development, asset management, IT, technology integration, sets 7G apart in the industry.


    7 Generations is a health-oriented company. The four “Ps” align with our partners, clients, and their communities. There is a symbiotic health relationship between:

    People- healthy communities

    Produce- healthy plants

    Planet- stewardship of a living planet

    Profit- healthy economy and jobs

    7 Generations LLC

    Beyond Organics (TM)

    7G designs, constructs, trademarks, and patents the ideal building template for high-density cloud farming(C) (indoor farming), on a repeatable-basis for ourselves and for our 7G clients and partners.

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