• Renewable Energy

    For Indian Country


    Replacing fossil fuel - In Indian Country - By example - With renewable energy


    Enabling Indian Country to own and operate renewable assets. As a Native American owned company we are strategically positioned to serve the renewable energy needs of Indian Country. We have partnered and teamed with the best of the best in renewable energy and bring the ability to execute on any size project.



    Indian County is positioned to lead by example. Whatever we build should take into consideration how it will effect 7 generations. Tribes were pushed into areas that no one else wanted because it was too hot, cold or windy. These locations happen to be great for renewable energy production. For the last several years Indian Country has been busy completing feasibility studies to ascertain what renewable projects would best fit. 7 Generations LLC is positioned with the right team to implement at the lowest cost, best returns, with most benefit for Indian Country. We understand the need for sovereignty, independence and resiliency in owning and operating renewable tribal utilities. We then formulate a renewable energy profile that fits with what is available in nature. Renewable energy has matured to the point that it not only bankable but offers long term generation with minimal impact to our natural surroundings.











  • About Us

    We have put together the best of the best team to facilitate Indian Country to form and operate renewable utilities.

    Resiliency and Sovereignty

    As a Native American owned enterprise, we understand the intricacies and values that Indian Country brings to the table in renewable energy opportunities.

    Indian Country is sitting on $ billions of renewable assets waiting to be deployed. Is your tribe ready to take the steps to offer your members freedom from outside power supply demands and earn income to support sovereignty? Many tribes subsidize their members' power bills paid to the local utility. It is time to formulate and implement tribal energy and communications security as a sovereign nation.

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